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10Mbps Ethernet ISA Network Adapters
D-Link DE-220P Series of Ethernet Network Adapter is a cost-effective adapter for connecting desktops to 10Mbps Ethernet networks. DE-220PCT comes with 2 types of connectors, RJ-45 for UTP & STP cables and BNC for Coaxial cables, for flexible network connectivity. DE-220PT is equipped with RJ-45 connector for UTP & STP cables.
Feature Summary :
  • 10Mbps data transfer rate
  • Supports Full-Duplex operation
  • Plug-and-Play operation that also supports non-PnP systems
  • Supports 8-bit and 16-bit ISA Bus
  • RJ-45 and BNC Connectors
  • Jumperless design
  • 16KB on-board buffer RAM
  • Diagnostics program for error tracking
  • Direct use of NE-2000 drivers
  • Support UTP or STP cables
  • Auto-detects connected media
  • Diagnostic LEDs for Power, TX, RX/Link, Collision and Jabber
  • BootROM socket on-board

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