Services and Support

As we all know, users need technical support at work or remotely, LLB Infotech Support Team is available 24/7, through a simple phone call or even an email. We also offer a wide range of customizable support options in accordance with your business needs. Contact us, problem solved!  

    *  IT related Sales & Support;

    *  Electronic components can be supplied through reputed brokering sources;

    *  Internet & Networking services;

    *  Computer Hardware - Servers/ Desktop/ Laptop/ PDA;

    *  Software - Operating Systems/ Application Packages/ Internet security suite;

    *  Computer - Repair/ Virus removal/ Setup services;

    *  High Speed Internet Access;

    *  Project-based and emergency services are available at competitive rates;

    *  Proactive support;

    *  Easy-to-implement remote monitoring and management solutions allowing us to

        prevent, detect and respond to threats before even faced. Call or e-mail for

        immediate needs or to schedule a free on-site consultation.

Call or e-mail for immediate needs or to schedule a free on-site consultation.